Product design Green Apple is the first group to apply product portfolio in Europe to focus on all market from low-end to high-end in Round 3. Only a problem is that our production line costs were too high, because Green Apple rarely changes all products in one round that can keep production line costs at a low level. Hence the importance of projects that require the student to draw on multiple tools from the MBA tool kit. If you underestimate the demand; You will have lost sales, i. This means that you do not have excess funds in low-return cash-account and you do not expect to take any expensive short-term loans.

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Cesim Simulation

Their sales were almost 1. Considering that both high-end markets liked avant-garde style and low-end customers were care about design, so the middle-high end and high-end one were designed as avant-garde.

Also, it is feasible to utilize transfer pricing in a situation where one subsidiary would be making loss and the other one s would be making profit. In all cases, when a Company makes a tactical blunder, at least two functional managers are responsible.

Beyond MOOCs: Synthesizing coursework with Cesim’s Global Challenge business simulation

But how do you do it? Firstly, with the growth of sales, variable costs increased as well. Considering we were lack of middle-end smartphone, so Lily was adjusted for middle-end product, while Peony was put into Europe to attract high-end customers. Through financial statements, some problems can be analyzed. It is expressed as a percentage of the initial investment. On the other hand, we were poor in controlling fixed costs, which is main reason for low share price.


The strategy of Daisy was still cost-leadership, as well as the one of other 3 cexim was pricing skimming in order to keep high profits of which high-end customers still tend to pay highly for high-quality smartphones, though the low-end market enlarged significantly. It is very costly to develop all technologies and in some situations you may be better off by making choices between them.

This critique could easily be levied against an MBA equivalent program, especially if all you do is take a series of largely unrelated courses. My favorite thing about the business simulation was that it required me to draw on information and skills from multiple courses. But the most important I consider is what we learnt from these mistakes and how to avoid make again.

Asia market grows dramatically, but the high-end market still dominates Asia market. You can refer to the next page about re-paying funds to external sources. About capacities Besides the learning curve, also production cost curve has impact on the production costs. Comparing with them, we focused more on high-end market due to its high profit, but we cannot adjust product portfolio promptly according to the change of market.

From US, from Asia, or from both?


As estimated, the growth of demand for smartphones has decelerated in both market areas, which turned into negative figures in high-end segments. Networks are not backwards compatible, i. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Skip to main content. Cesim Global Challenge Students are ceaim management team of a global mobile phone company and compete with other teams. Considering that high-end market became decrease, our product structure mboile be changed in the mibile turn. What resulted these were the problems of product design. Other members of the larger group of eight that participated in the simulation made similar connections through the experience.

During Round 7 and 8, marketing share became more important, and customers put more attention to features. Meanwhile, other group had similar product as Lily but with lower price. Remember that it is more expensive to start producing new technologies in Asia. Since features became important, every phone was added one feature in order to cater to customers. Financial statement in Round 6 But this huge change resulted the rise of production line costs, which can be seen in financial statement, versus Auth with social network: May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible.