Prices are subject to change without notice. The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material. These offerings must be purchased during the product warranty period and are offered for a fixed term duration. It can be enabled but is not officially supported by IBM. Regardless, IBM warranty terms apply.

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Special Feature Codes — Chargeable. Vendor Software Compatibility IBM tests a large number of commonly used and available applications for compatibility with its ThinkPad systems using supporting operating systems and configurations.

Actual specifications and weights may vary based on features, vendor components, or manufacturing processes. Approximate battery operating time The battery pack is rechargeable and is charged using the ac adapter with the system. For more information, visit: The recovery software is always available for quick, remote recovery of the IBM preload software image.

Customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the machine. Agency Approvals System unit: This optional battery fits in the same location as the main battery. Optional hard disk drives thinkapd available from IBM.

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TrackPoint pointing device with Internet scroll bar, requires internet access, not included Press-to-Select, and magnifying functions to help you breeze through Web pages and spreadsheets. Parallel Connector — Parallel device port for connecting devices such as printers.


A specify code is not required. Product Life Cycle Dates.

New IBM ThinkPad R40e Model for Education Delivers Power and Reliability

For example, a ThinkPad system should not be used in non-stationary thinkpxd, such as in-vehicle installations, without additional casing or shock dissipation. Optional hard disk drives are available from IBM. It can be enabled but is not officially supported by IBM. The rechargeable battery pack is charged using the ac adapter with the system.

thhinkpad The repair location will repair the system and return it to the customer. Extensive search facilities are provided, as well as payment options via credit card. ThinkPad EasyServ is an on-site courier pickup and delivery, depot repair service in which the ThinkPad system is picked up at the customer’s location and delivered to an IBM-designated repair location.

IBM ThinkPad R40e Notebook Windows 2000, XP Drivers, Software

Previous versions of these operating systems are not supported. Access Connections manages your connectivity environments by saving the settings for wired and wireless connections, if applicable, and easily switching between ib.


External Display Connector — External display port for connecting one of the supported displays that may be used in desktop environment instead of the LCD that is standard with the system. Audio jack — Provides for the connection of external stereo speakers or headphones.

Upload speeds are limited to 48 Kbps for V. You can determine how much battery power remains by using the fuel-gauge ThinkPad utility program, which displays the percent charge remaining.

IBM is covering the service 4r0e these selected non-IBM parts as an accommodation to customers, and normal warranty service procedures for the IBM machine apply.

Dual Display of LCD and an external display is also supported.

Product Thinkpda Cycle Dates. Approximate operation and charging hours are: Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.

Check with your telephone and Internet service providers for availability. Individual volume up, down, and mute buttons.