Anyone know how to fix it? I tested up to 4. Maybe something similar works for the other problems mentioned above! There are Line 6 firmware packages in Ubuntu. Posted December 23, I have ubuntu

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The steps i made are very simple atm. Thank you very much for this valuable piece of information!

Does anyone know what those error messages above mean and how to fix them? Join Date Feb Beans I’d assume it is posted someplace exactly all the drivers that have been added to it. Posted August 24, Bus Device This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

The best thing to do is use a second computer up to date with patches and disconnect it from the Internet. Posted on September 4, by ruchi 56 Oinux. I’m downloading a ubuntu studio iso at the moment so when I get it I’ll have a proper verdict on it.


Hi ilne6, I would like to know how to install these drivers? That will solve my issues. BB code is On. Posted December 23, I think it’s a shame that Line 6 does not provide their software for Linux.


I know this is way out of date, but since I had the same problem as Steph and have found the solution, I thought I would post it for anyone else who got here by Googling: If you open alsamixer and turn this down to zero, you no longer get the internal monitoring back to the right headphone channel, and the scratchiness goes away. I can’t get HD edit or Monkey to recognize my firmware past 1. Make sure that your multieffect is recognised by the virtual machine and do not use usb hubs.

Thank you so much for this!!!


If you checked out from the repository without specifying a local working directory name i. When you do a lsusb command, what does it report for usb connections? Myhrman says it should work with most toneports too but neither of us have one to test it out.


Gearbox is the only reason I’m still running a gearbpx machine I have that and generally have to select the correct audio device in settings.

If worst comes to worst I’ll go and get it I’m looking into hydrogen right now, it seems pretty damn nice. I’m following instructions located here: Then i still had small soundglitches cause the usbrate does not follow, so i made a hack with an arbitrary value read from another working usb interface here too. Line 6 Toneport UX2 not working.

Can somebody suggest any other normal guitar processor working fine with Linux? Just unpack in kernel sourcedir and run.

Line 6 Guitarport XT gearbox? – LinuxMusicians

Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. Line 6 With Linux? I then noticed what jake said: