Technology Guides Media Contact Form. If you do not currently have a Client ID, register now to obtain one. Medical professionals and their patients can now benefit from up to simultaneous shades of gray on their bit displays, thanks to partners such as Cedara, Merge Healthcare and Fenics who are developing software using Matrox bit technology. If, however, this option is not feasible, a Matrox technical support person will be pleased to assist you. EIZO, which means image in Japanese, is a visual technology company that develops and manufactures high-end display s.

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Matrox boards are available bundled with a range of Dome diagnostic grayscale and color displays.

MED Series Board Drives High-Resolution Color Displays | Imaging Technology News

Barco will showcase its full line of radiology and mammography display systems with online quality assurance QA Worldwide Technical Support in English language: The Matrox MED4mp was designed specifically to drive the recently introduced 4 MP medical displays, which are suitable for use in a variety of environments, such as:. Matrox was selected to produce a bit display controller board for the Dome EX grayscale display products that could deliver up to 1, calibrated shades of gray.

Digital Radiography Technology Report: The Telemis product family includes a broad range of integrated clinical solutions such as for Orthopedics, Cardiology and Breast Imaging, meeting the unique requirements and specialized needs of today’s physicians. The Matrox MED Series represents a top-to-bottom solution designed to meet the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals.

Chi Lin Technology Co. Planar Systems is a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, offering a comprehensive line of medical displays for use throughout the hospital. For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc. Sectra is a leading provider of digital solutions for PACS, mammography and orthopedics with more than installations world-wide. Medical professionals and their patients can now benefit from up to simultaneous shades of gray on their bit displays, thanks to partners such as Cedara, Merge Healthcare and Fenics who are developing software using Matrox bit technology.


Matrox Graphics – Support – Worldwide technical support

Designed for use by clinicians for the review of images captured by advanced digital initiatives, the Planar Dome EX displays and Matrox MED Series bundle provides the high fidelity image quality and improved performance required by medical imaging professionals.

This latest bundle takes advantage of the Dome EX displays’ ability to produce higher resolution and increased shades of gray output, giving medical imaging professionals the ability to more fully visualize the data captured by modern medical scanning devices. This 5 megapixel, high-brightness color monitor has the high-definition display necessary for breast imaging. Not only a standard medical display product provider, CLT also provides technical service for customized design from the cabinet industrial design to meet any special image requirement for optimizing the unique medical equipment performance.

Matrox Onyx drives one or two high resolution displays at the host PC location, replicating information on OR displays, and enabling OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries from outside the OR. Medical grade displays are one of CLT’s core competence products to the professional healthcare market. Technology Guides Media Contact Form.

Swissray is a leading supplier of direct digital Radiography ddR technology. For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc. If you have questions or comments about Matrox Graphics medical imaging display controller boards, please contact us via mex online form.

Examples include Advanced Segmentation for lesion contouring where tumor identification in US, CT, MG and MR is greatly simplified, and Mammography Skinline detection for optimal viewing of mammography images and inverse rendering. The only graphics manufacturer who designs its own graphics chips, boards and drivers, Matrox Graphics uses its complete control of all aspects of the board design to ensure the highest possible image quality, reliability and performance, ensuring the longest life-cycle of its products to its customers.


For further information, please visit the Matrox medical imaging website at www.

Availability and support The Matrox MED Series display controller boards currently support single, dual, and as marrox, multi-board, multi-display configurations. If you do not currently have a Client ID, register now to obtain one.

Technical Support

Guardian Technologies Intl demonstrated its Signature Mapping TM application–an advanced computer aided detection tool which incorporates advanced visualization and display capabilities to detect and visualize targeted objects or materials.

Flat Panel Display Market Outlook.

Photo courtesy of Barco. Continuing its tradition of delivering value through solution integration, CLT entered the amtrox industry in and has become the world’s most fully integrated manufacturer of Flat Panel Displays. The Matrox MED Series provides users with incomparable reliability and stability, based on proven graphics technology, and software drivers that have been deployed and used by millions of users worldwide.

Technology Flat Panel Displays November 28, And more recently, Patrick Herguth, vice president and general manager, medical business unit, Planar said:. Rogan-Delft also collaborated with Guardian Technologies to demonstrate detection with visualizations and advanced PACS technologies to enhance diagnostic workflow.

Primarily designed to support recent 4 MP display technologies and offering medical imaging mfd new configuration and installation choices, the Matrox MED4mp includes a variety of color and grayscale modes supporting analog and digital displays.